operating at cosmic levels, searching for kittens, cupcakes, and dance parties.

The song “Digital Witness” encapsulates this idea that we’ve become very dependent on other people. And by other people, I don’t mean in the flesh; I mean a million digital eyes validating our experience. [x]

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Getting Creative with Celeste Byers



Credits: Celeste Byers

San Diego native Celeste Byers creates magical, dream-like artwork—from illustrations and collages, to music videos and album art. Byers is aware of nature and the world around her, but is also a free-spirit informed by her imagination. We caught up with her to talk lucid dreams, creating illustrations for The New York Times, traveling adventures and what’s next. Follow Byers on Instagram for a glimpse inside her world.

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Letter To The Editor


By Vivian Galeana

They always come in that same little package, don’t they? You’d think they were being mass-produced in China somewhere. There they stand slightly off-kilter, into subcultures, painfully introverted (or so it appears) and alwaysand this is without failvery, very busy.

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